The richest female athletes in the world, ranked

The issue of the remuneration of female athletes is at the forefront as never before.

After the United States women’s soccer team (and the reigning world champions) once again dominated in the recent World Cup, making their male counterparts, shall we say, less impressive in comparison, the discussion turned is warmed up with people wondering why women are not paid anywhere near the same amount.

The gender pay gap is, of course, a recurring and loaded topic in sport. Serena Williams was the only woman to do it on Forbes’ 2019 ranking of the 100 highest paid athletes in the world, ranking 63rd. This fact is less surprising than disappointing for many spectators.

Yet there are bright spots to rejoice. We have compiled a list of the 10 richest female athletes right now, according to Forbes as well as other sources providing information on income, endorsements and estimated net worth. Here is where they stand. (Spoiler: Tennis is a money maker.)

10. Sloane Stephens

Estimated Net Worth: $ 4 million
Latest declared income: $ 11.2 million

How she earns her money: The Williams sisters tend to grab the attention of American female tennis players, but Stephens is anything but a slacker. When his sponsorships were drying up, the 26-year-old phenomenon grasped her first Grand Slam title (the 2017 US Open), making her the first American (whose last name is not Williams) to win such a title since 2002. New contracts have poured in, including contracts major companies with Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Colgate, Lait au chocolat, Biofreeze and Nike. It has partnered with the “Just Do It” brand to to bring Air Jordans fresh in court.

8. Ronda Rousey

Estimated Net Worth: $ 12 million
Latest declared income: $ 11 million

How she earns her money: Although it is retirement From his record-breaking UFC career that ended in a shattering loss, Rousey still has omnipresence on his side. She is fifth among all famous female athletes, according to advertising agency The Marketing Arm’s ranking of the most marketable celebrities. She has always been among the top 10 highest paid female athletes, Forbes reports, raking in $ 14 million in 2016 alone, and she’s known for appearing in big movies. Between the previous deals and her current contract with WWE (her last gig), the 32-year-old’s wealth remains healthy.

8. Garbiñe Muguruza

Estimated Net Worth: $ 12 million
Latest declared income: $ 11 million

How she earns her money: It is difficult to overtake tennis stars in terms of income among female athletes, and there is an obvious reason: unlike other sports, women play alongside men and have equal pay in Grand Slam tournaments (although it should be noted that there is always a pay gap, including in smaller competitions). The Spanish-Venezuelan Muguruza, 25, has reaped the fruits of this model, take in an equal share of $ 5.5 million in prize money in 2018 after winning his second Slam at Wimbledon and $ 5.5 million in endorsements. These brand checks came from Adidas, Rolex and Beats by Dre, among others.

5. Simona Halep

Estimated Net Worth: $ 30 million
Latest declared income: $ 7.7 million

How she earns her money: As her contract with Adidas ended at the end of 2017, 27-year-old tennis champion Halep, who was No. 1 in women’s singles, can still count on a lot of money. She just defeated Serena Williams for to win the Wimbledon 2019 title, which will have major effects on his future earnings beyond £ 2.35million (nearly $ 3million). She already inked a multi-year contract with Nike last year, and more corporate ties are expected to flow.

5. Angelique Kerber

Estimated Net Worth: $ 30 million
Latest declared income: $ 7 million

How she earns her money: Triple Grand Slam champion Kerber, 31, may have had a rough time, Separate with his coach after a disappointing performance at Wimbledon this year. But the German still won the same tournament last year only for one $ 2.83 million cash prizes, and his bank statements are undoubtedly doing well. She is Locked endorsements with Adidas, Porsche, Rolex and other luxury brands.

5. Caroline Wozniacki

Estimated Net Worth: $ 30 million
Latest declared income: $ 13 million

How she earns her money: Former No. 1 in women’s singles Wozniacki can sleep well knowing she turned her tennis ace performance into brand awareness and big dollars. The 29-year-old Danish star has ink contracts with Adidas and Rolex and recently collaborated with Ovvo Optics to create their own line of sunglasses.

4. Danica Patrick

Estimated Net Worth: $ 60 million
Latest declared income: $ 7.5 million

How she earns her money: Patrick, one of only two non-tennis players on this list, comes behind only the Williams sisters in The Marketing Arm’s ranking of the most marketable female athletes, a testament to its high level of trust with the public. The queen of races at 37 retirement after last year’s Indianapolis 500, but she still enjoys her legendary status with her own clothing line, Danica Patrick’s Warrior, and her fitness book Quite Intense. Her relationship with NFL star Aaron Rodgers ensures she won’t be leaving the minds of sports fans anytime soon.

3. Venus Williams

Estimated Net Worth: $ 95 million
Latest declared income: $ 10.2 million

How she earns her money: Sure, Serena has been in the limelight a bit more in recent years, but make no mistake: Venus is a formidable competitor on and off the pitch. While her ranking in women’s singles has soaked (she is currently No.53), the marketing power of older sister Williams is almost unmatched: she is No.2 behind Serena in The Marketing Arm’s ranking female athletes who respect the brand, with strong points for aspiration. The 39-year-old veteran superstar sits on huge money offers she has earned over the course of her career, including a $ 40 million partnership with Reebok and ties to Tide, Electronic Arts and Ralph Lauren. She also reportedly ordered up to $ 100,000 for a speaking engagement.

2. Maria Sharapova

Estimated Net Worth: $ 135 million
Latest declared income: $ 10.5 million

How she earns her money: If you’re not into tennis, the player you might remember by name outside of the Williams sisters is almost surely Sharapova’s. The five-time Grand Slam winner, 32, born in Russia, can still dominate on the pitch, income $ 1 million in prize money last year. More importantly, it continues to build an already extensive brand portfolio, recently adding a UBS deal to partnerships with giants like Nike, Porsche and Evian.

1. Serena Williams

Estimated Net Worth: $ 180 million
Latest declared income: $ 29.2 million

How she earns her money: Serena Williams’ place at the top of the rankings for female athletes is undeniable. And for good reason: she is known and admired around the world for her achievements in Grand Slam, with a notoriety rate of 91% which places her among the 1% of the best celebrities, according to to the marketing arm. This market value has also brought the 37-year-old woman extraordinary wealth, even after taking an extended break to have a baby. She has secured more than a dozen sponsorships, including with Nike, Intel, Audemars Piguet, JPMorgan Chase, Lincoln, Gatorade and Beats. This largely explains its No. 63 place among Forbes’ List of the richest athletes of 2019, with $ 4.2 million in salary or earnings and $ 25 million in grants. His out-of-court advised for real estate investments and other opportunities – like, say, hang out with Beyoncé – certainly doesn’t hurt her either.

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