Transposit’s DevOps Process Orchestration Platform Now Enables Non-Developers to Automate Processes for Digital Operations

SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –To transfer, the DevOps process orchestration company, today introduced new platform features that are developer friendly, but designed for everyone. They offer non-developers customization, flexible orchestration, and intelligent operational visibility. Transposit’s extensive functionality bridges the gap between engineering and ITOps teams so they can work better together to drive business value faster. By enabling teams to work with agility while simultaneously maintaining governance and process controls, Transposit brings calm to the chaos of complex modern stack management.

“Engineering and IT operations teams need knowledge to do their jobs effectively, whether they code or not, to reduce manual processes and eliminate the labor of software development with today’s modern stack.” said Stephen Elliot, vice president of program at IDC. “There is a growing need for process automation in ITOps due to the digital transformation initiatives of organizations and new work policies brought about by the pandemic. These modern requirements have resulted in a significant increase in stress and downtime in the form of longer problem resolution and inefficient processes lacking in automation. ”

Main new features of the Transposit platform:

  • Codeless runbook generator enables technical operations engineers to build sophisticated workflows in the DevOps toolchain without the need to write code or learn a specialized workflow tool.
  • New triggers for runbooks and actions in runbooks enable highly flexible and event-based automation. These triggers give teams the freedom to create and automate elements of their workflows in a more ad hoc and incremental way so that processes are adaptable to change.
  • Activity feed provides stakeholders with extensive visibility into all operational events, in order to ensure governance and process controls.

No-code runbook builder allows for non-developer customization and advanced scenarios

Transposit believes that all members of the development and operations teams, regardless of their development background, should be able to create sophisticated automated workflows. Transposit bridges the operator experience gap with its new no-code runbook generator that allows any user to participate and add value.

Transposit was designed from the ground up so that developers could customize it in popular languages, including Python, Javascript, and SQL. The runbook generator now allows non-developer operations teams to customize as well, allowing them to move quickly without the need of a developer help. The easy-to-use interface of the runbook generator simplifies the design of runbooks by inserting a series of steps and actions. Transposit provides hundreds of predefined actions that teams can immediately use and connect to their runbooks, reducing manual work and streamlining operations.

New triggers for runbooks and actions help teams mature and expand their use of automation

Transposit’s flexible process orchestration platform guides teams on their journey towards maturing their automation practices. From runbook documentation to end-to-end automation, Transposit’s workflows can be shaped to meet the unique needs of each team. Rather than taking a traditional approach of mapping entire flowcharts, Transposit allows teams to create and automate elements of their workflows in a more ad hoc manner so that processes remain malleable and can be easily adapted. if needed.

The Transposit platform gives teams the ability to use incremental automation to build confidence in automation, starting with coding documentation into human runbooks in the loop that combine human guidance with automated actions. . Teams can then easily identify additional steps that can be automated over time.

New platform triggers help teams mature and expand their use of automation by connecting runbooks to external events. Users can activate triggers in runbooks for internal and external events, resulting in accelerated, highly flexible and event-driven response automation that combines both human and machine triggers.

New activity flow extends operational visibility

The modern technology stack is more complex than ever, leaving operational teams overwhelmed and floundering through a flood of events from an array of tools and services while keeping a watchful eye on dynamic cloud infrastructure. By using Transposit’s new activity feed, teams have visibility into what is happening in their departments.

Transposit gives teams the ability to bring together and understand all the different moving parts of an operations pipeline into a single knowledge flow. The activity feed allows teams to quickly determine which departments require their attention by bringing together important events from each tool, such as alerts, requests, and CI / CD systems, as well as high-level activities within the platform. Not only can teams see what is happening, but they can also access granular information about what is happening, who is taking certain actions, and what is the result of those actions. This comprehensive audit trail of human and machine data provides the governance operations teams need to ensure the safety and reliability of all services.

After recovering from an incident, teams scramble to remember what exactly happened, which team members were involved, and the full timeline of events. Transposit facilitates the capture of critical events throughout an incident. The new customizable post-mortem export makes it easier to use this data for root cause analysis and ultimately drives continuous improvement.

“The new functionality we’ve added to our orchestration platform is transforming the landscape for DevOps and IT Ops teams. Keeping applications operational when digital demand is at an all-time high is a monumental task. By alleviating the challenges that come with continuous change, we put engineers back in control of their days while helping them be successful in their jobs. It’s both healthy for individuals and great for businesses, ”said Divanny Lamas, CEO of Transposit. “We enable all team members, regardless of their tooling expertise, to collaborate better and generate more value together. ”

To find out more about the new features of Transposit, request a demo.

About the transfer

Transposit provides orchestration for DevOps processes. Its fully integrated, human-in-the-loop approach to automation enables engineering operations teams to streamline DevOps practices, improve service reliability, and resolve incidents faster. As the nexus between tools, data and people, Transposit codifies institutional knowledge to make processes data-driven and repeatable with runbooks that help teams gradually automate tasks. Transposit’s automatic timelines capture the full history of all actions taken through the system and reveal actionable information that drives operational improvement. Powered by the Transposit integration engine which combines hundreds of pre-built integrations with code-level customization, the cloud-based platform is able to connect to any service with an API. Organizations rely on Transposit to improve workflow agility and keep services healthy so they can deliver more value to their business.

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