What’s the next step for technological innovation? Are the traders exhausted?

Is organic engagement obsolete? What can businesses do to protect the privacy of their customers? How can financial services companies make sure they keep their customers’ trust? Meanwhile, we dive into the world of B2B marketing and explore the reasons why many marketers push their limits.

Quick, catch up with me:

  • Internal Communicators Debate Yammer’s Message on Behalf of Laurence Lock Lee | November, 1st. Yammer’s Post on Behalf Of (POBO) feature has sparked its share of debates among internal communications experts.
  • The New World of B2B Marketing: Building on Lessons Learned from COVID Colby Cavanaugh | November, 1st. The pandemic has sparked innovation and adoption of new digital technologies and opened new doors for marketers. Anything might sound great, but in reality marketers are exhausted.
  • Top Security Challenges for Smart Offices and Their Solutions Kayne McGladrey | November, 1st. The future of digital work is not as bright as expected, but it allows companies to adopt new technologies for their workplace. There are many options, but the number one goal is safety.
  • Finserv: 2 tips to balance fraud and customer experience Phil Britt | November 2. Financial services companies have established trust with their customers not only to protect their information, but also not to break the trust they have built together. A breach of that trust can result in many losses for the business and the customer.
  • Bringing Customer Experience and Automation to the Last and First Mile John Mancini | November 2. Customer experience management has become increasingly popular during COVID, as the customer experience has become more valuable, more fragile and more automated. This trifecta of customer experience management is difficult to master.
  • Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Content Services Laurence Hart | November 3. When creating content services, consumers are required to misuse them. When this happens, it’s critical to determine why, correct the data, and improve it so that it meets organizational goals.
  • How AI is used to protect customer privacy Scott Clark | November 4. Self-service customer bots, virtual assistants, companion chatbots, predictive analytics, and many other applications use artificial intelligence. AI is changing the way businesses protect the privacy of their consumers.
  • Eye Tracking vs. Salience modeling: which technique is right for you? Tobias Komischke | November 4. Knowing the path of a user’s visual attention increases the amount of information we can learn from their interaction with a system beyond standard mouse and keyboard actions. Eye tracking and salience modeling are two very different methods of obtaining answers, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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