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I have a client whose WordPress website is completely image-based. Her builder is Elementor and she bought the pro package, so she can set up galleries in a specific way. I didn’t build the site, so I’m not sure how the different plugins fit together.

We contacted Elementor support about their “Search Form” and are trying to get them to explain how we can bring up images, based on specific words used in the “Search Form”. Contacting their tech support, we received responses in the form of links to long, wordy technical articles, telling us that this can’t be done with the default WordPress search box…which we clearly indicated was not what we are trying to use. I have a question on their forum, but I highly doubt I’ll get any answers, so I decided to come here, because this forum hasn’t failed me yet 🙂

So here it is:

Each image has a title based on a descriptive filename. The site owner wants his customers to be able to insert specific words into the search form and see images as a result. Currently, we get links to the galleries they appear in. How to display images and not links?

Here is a summary :

  • Several image galleries.
  • Words like “vintage stamps” entered into the search form
  • Desired result: all images that have the words “vintage” and “stamps” in their title or filename.
  • Current results: links to galleries containing images of vintage stamps.
  • How can we get the desired results?

Please explain for a non-tech savvy person.

Thanks so much for taking the time with this.

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