Yvette Kahn provides personalized coaching and brainstorming to insurance agents and businesses for cutting-edge lead generation

Yvette Kahn delivers a unique aesthetic through her win-win social media marketing services to generate high quality leads on autopilot for insurance agents and business owners who will make them stand out.

Social media is everywhere today and has forever changed the marketing landscape, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great way to generate leads in insurance. But selling insurance is tricky: you constantly need new prospects. To keep up with the competition, insurance companies and businesses need leads quickly. As a result, some insurance agents resort to buying leads. However, if one is educated about marketing and lead generation, they will see that buying insurance leads is no longer a viable option. Nowadays, more and more people are discovering how to book leads using social media instead. It’s more productive and efficient, and it will help gain more customers. Prospecting time is cut in half with a targeted lead system, which automatically connects, nurtures, and converts leads and customers into more reserved sales meetings.

Yvette Kahn, Founder and CEO of UILM Elite Consulting Program offers private coaching and 1: 1 brains to help insurance professionals and business owners get highly qualified leads on autopilot from social media by creating predictable automated lead systems. Its one-of-a-kind “UILM Elite Consulting Program” will enable seasoned insurance agents to secure qualified leads from social media over the next 90 days. In just 90 days, they’ll have a fully automated lead and a full ecosystem to support it.

Social media is among the fastest growing social pillars, so it would be foolish for any insurance company or business to pass up the opportunity to use social media. Social media act as a digital showcase for businesses; therefore, proven organic marketing strategies are essential to successfully attracting prospects to the site and turning them into customers. When asked about the services, she explained, “I want to make sure my clients see the success I have achieved through proven lead generation strategies and tailored coaching. I believe that anyone can use social media to scale their business and I am focused on achieving that goal for all of my clients.

Traffic isn’t the problem, so Yvette Kahn still insists on stopping buying more ads. Instead, she focuses on social media marketing to increase engagement, brand visibility, and lead generation. Yvette Kahn is exceptionally motivated, passionate and goal-oriented to help agents generate leads on autopilot without wasting thousands of dollars on ad spend or leads like they’re used to.

With over 15 years of experience, his digital marketing firm UILM Elite Consulting Program is the one stop shop for social media growth and engagement to increase engagement, brand visibility and lead generation. business owners and insurance agents. Its organic marketing services are award-winning and can be delivered as a stand-alone service with results-based results. With the service provider non-stop, with an expert knowing the latest digital market trends, his services are up to the task.

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Company Name: UILM Elite Consulting Program
Contact: Yvette kahn
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: 714-514-7333
City: Orange
State: California
Country: United States
Website: https://uilmprogram.com/consulting

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