Zenfolio photography business web platform launched in UK

The Zenfolio photography web platform is finally making its debut in the UK. Widely used in the United States, Zenfolio offers professional photographers a complete business solution.

“The UK has always been a very important market for Zenfolio, and our new platform gives photographers sophisticated tools to improve their business productivity, with automated and efficient workflows for mobile-friendly interactions with their clients, ”said John Loughlin, CEO of Zenfolio.

Combining a complete website builder, photo gallery, and complete e-commerce solution, Zenfolio offers the perfect storefront and marketing solution.

Behind the scenes, you have powerful CRM tools designed to help you grow and manage your business.

The new Zenfolio web platform integrates powerful marketing tools to help attract new customers, sell prints, canvases and more; you can even set up and publish email campaigns and promotions.

Built by the Zenfolio team, the platform uses machine learning to help you grow your business. The more you invest in growing your site and business, the more advanced tools will help you with suggestions and options that complement what you’re already doing.

It helps you grow your business with a helping hand in machine learning. There’s even an automated fulfillment and shipping feature that lets you sell prints through One Vision Imaging (OVI).

Other powerful tools have been integrated with powerful data protection that will help reassure you and customers.

Zenfolio was born from 15 years of experience and customer research. Its launch in the UK will provide photographers with a complete business solution ideal for dealing directly with existing and potential clients and clients.

For more details, see Zenfolio.

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